CALM Therapeutic Massage

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125

A customized and deeply relaxing massage treatment using an integration of massage techniques and herbal infusions to ease fatigue, soothe an over-stressed nervous system, release muscle tension, and relax the mind, body and spirit. Each session will be tailored to meet your unique needs and each therapist will use a combination of modalities to give you a truly healing experience. Book now>>


UNWIND Myofascial + Energy Therapy

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125

Myofascial release therapy eliminates pain caused by muscles or other connective tissues that are restricted by tight fascia. Damaged fascial tissue can contribute to pain at points that restrict blood flow to nearby areas, causing the damage to spread. Myofascial release relaxes and lengthens muscles and soft tissues to help you regain function and flexibility after injuries and treat chronic pain in many parts of your body. This treatment combines myofascial therapy with energy therapy, releasing energetic blockages, too. Clients report feelings of peace, well-being and empowerment after a session. Book now>>


SOOTHE Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINUTES $115 • 90 MINUTES $145

A stimulating, deep-tissue massage treatment focused on relieving muscle soreness and stiff joints while promoting circulation. Combines traditional deep-tissue and trigger point therapy with an herbal infusion designed to soothe pain. Book now>>


Thai Yoga Massage

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125

An interactive form of massage from Thailand and dating back thousands of years combining passive yoga, acupressure, therapeutic stretching and rhythmic, deep-tissue compression along the energy lines of the body.


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60 minutes $79
90 minutes $99

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CALM Therapeutic Massage
UNWIND Myofascial Therapy
Thai Yoga Massage


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Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure a full session. You may cancel your appointment without charge up to 24 hours preceding your appointment. If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged 100% for the scheduled service.