Energy Therapy

60 MINUTES $90

Energy therapy, also known as energy medicine, energy healing, energy work or chakra balancing is bodywork in which practitioners use their hands to balance and enhance the physical, mental & emotional well-being of their clients. Our resident energy therapist, Lisa Segall, will help you find the balance you've been wanting to achieve. Book now>>


UNWIND Myofascial + Energy Therapy

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125

Myofascial release therapy eliminates pain caused by muscles or other connective tissues that are restricted by tight fascia. Damaged fascial tissue can contribute to pain at points that restrict blood flow to nearby areas, causing the damage to spread. Myofascial release relaxes and lengthens muscles and soft tissues to help you regain function and flexibility after injuries and treat chronic pain in many parts of your body. This treatment combines myofascial therapy with energy therapy, releasing energetic blockages, too. Clients report feelings of peace, well-being and empowerment after a session. Book now>>


Akashic Records

90 MINUTES $140

The Akashic Records® are the blueprint of each soul, storing its journey from lifetime to lifetime. During each lifetime our soul has experiences that help us to grow, evolve and learn. This modality works on the premise that some lessons are more challenging and a soul must return to a physical body to repeat a similar experience to deepen their learning or overcome the challenge. Clients report feeling clarity and deeper insight into patterns and behaviors. Book now>>


Family Constellation

90 MINUTES $140

Family Constellation is a gentle and unique way of exploring and healing traumas and experiences within the family system. It provides information into generations by highlighting behavioral patterns, emotions and challenges. There is a subconscious undercurrent of energy passed down through the ancestral line. Making the connection between you and an ancestor, whether living or deceased, providing resolution and generational healing. Clients usually report transformed and healed relationships that were once challenging and new found compassion where they once experienced pain or indifference. Book now>>


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