3 Ways to Stick with Yoga in the Summer

I know. It’s hard to get into a routine or adjust one. But a routine and dedicated movement and meditation practices on a daily and weekly basis are exactly what we, as humans, need to feel good and stay sane. With our current culture, it’s so easy to get out of balance. And of course, the summer comes, so we must adjust. We’re so excited to get out of our homes {or the kids are now out of school!} that we often forget about just how much our routine helps us stay grounded and focused. Here are some tips on how to enjoy these warm, sunny months AND stick with your practice.

  1. Ride your bike {or walk} to class. If you live within a mile of your favorite yoga studio, why not combine your outdoor lovin’ with your stress relief practices. Embarque is right in the heart of SoBro and Meridian Kessler and we have bike racks across the street and in the back towards Mass Ave Toys. Heck, we even have a pole out front to tie up to. Or, plan a walk or bike ride before or after class {I mean, you have a lot more daylight now, so no excuses}.

  2. Get to class once per week. It’s a lot of fun to practice yoga outdoors and in the summer there are a lot of options at the art museum, in the outfield, on the circle, on a paddleboard and more. However, you still want to keep up some semblance of a routine, so maybe you just go to class once per week at the studio and get outside for another and see how that makes a difference for you. We all know that practicing at least two times per week gives you the most benefit in keeping up your strength, flexibility and sanity, but sometimes we have to change and adjust like the seasons do {yeah, it’s true!}.

  3. Make YOU a priority. I tend to say this time and time again to the people I meet. Too often, we allow life’s constant changing circumstances to rule our day-to-day. But every one of us has a choice. And when you make that choice of YOU, then you actually have more energy and drive to attend to everyone and everything else around you. Otherwise, you know how it goes. You feel like you’re running on empty and stress to the max. So, schedule your weekly yoga class(es) in your calendar and make everyone else work around YOU.

The one thing that will always be certain is CHANGE. When I got pregnant, my body changed and I was no longer in control…and so, my routine also changed. I needed to eat first thing in the morning and it took me a bit to get back to my morning yoga and meditation routine. But when I did, I felt a whole lot more sane {which is good given that I’m creating another human!}. I learned to adapt my morning routine and ended up eating breakfast right away and then going for a walk with my dog. Then, my stomach was okay with yoga movement. Now that’s it’s hot out, it works even better because I get my outside time in before the heat of the day sets in. And my favorite class to attend, well, the 9:30 am Iyengar Yoga class with Kate on Saturdays. I still love evening classes, but I just do better in the morning.

What will it take for you to get back to {or adjust} your routine and make yoga a lifelong practice? Please share in the comments below. I can’t wait to see you in class!

Wild blessings,
Xo, -Alyssa

P.S. Check out the the yoga series and workshops we have coming up at www.embarqueyoga.com/events. If you’ve been wanting to try yoga, but feel intimidated, join once of our beginner series on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings in August. Dealing with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia? Check out our series at 11:30 am on Mondays in August, too. Go to www.embarqueyoga.com/events to learn more.

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