Why You Should Start Meditation This Year

If you have put off the idea of trying meditation, the time has come to finally experience both the immediate and long-term benefits of practicing yoga meditation. The very first takeaway from a bare introduction to its healing potential is the benefit the practice offers to your breathing. Meditation also strengthens, relaxes, and brings a greater sense of clarity to your daily life.

What is Meditation?

Whether your first introduction is with a trained instructor or through a guided video, it’s a journey to be measured by the experience of the moment that you can take a lifetime to perfect. Yoga meditation is the focusing of mind and body through its litany of poses, contemplations, and breathing techniques. There are many separate paths that the different schools of yoga offer, but they all share a basic understanding that meditation is the key to self-discovery.

Each yoga meditative path leads to a different aspect of spiritual healing and growth. Metta meditation, also known as loving-kindness, is designed to increase one’s capacity to feel love for others. It is through the repeating of loving mantras that loving-kindness meditation heightens good will and reduces anger and depression. A different kind of meditation that can be practiced just about anywhere is known as mindfulness meditation. It focuses the mind on being in, and fully experiencing, the present moment. Its practice is designed to relieve anxiety and stress.


Stress and Pain Relief

Yoga meditation is beneficial even in the practice of its most basic elements.  Beginning a yoga meditation routine as a transition to a good night’s sleep is a great way to familiarize yourself with some of its basic principles. The combination of body scan, or progressive relaxation, and deep breathing techniques, known as pranayama, is a good place to start. It relieves stress and reduces pain.

Improved Sleep

Improved sleep is a good foundation for overall physical and mental health.  Yoga meditation is a tested path to improved sleep. A rested person is more relaxed and refreshed to embrace the day. Your body repairs and regulates its systems when the brain is in deep sleep. A good night’s sleep is an essential part of a healthy life.

Heart Health

Yoga meditation helps lower blood pressure and makes you less reactive to the daily stresses of daily life. It is a great contributor to long-term heart health.

How to Start Meditation

The choices meditation offers are individual. Some want to begin their journey with the professional guidance of a trained yoga instructor, envisioning a path that includes a community. Others are happy with a personal yoga practice at home, instructed by videos. Trying both paths to meditation is the best way to discover the benefits offered by the practice of yoga meditation techniques.

And Continue for a Lifetime

Since yoga meditation is a practice that is not limited to any age, it can continue to help improve your mental, emotional and spiritual health over the entire span of your life. That makes it an excellent recipe for a long and healthy life. It is time to try yoga meditation, because it is for any age and can become a lifetime journey of self-discovery and strength.

Ready to Begin?
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