The Vital Role of Nutrition in Regulating Hormones

A year ago I felt like my body was deteriorating. At first I just thought it was the stress of changing careers and leaving my full-time position in the nonprofit world. My best friend was pregnant and I realized I had been feeling the same hormonal ups and downs for years like she did in her first trimester...but I wasn't pregnant. And then some physical signs had to slap me in the face and I decided to take action.
My period was less than a day and later on I began to get boils near my lady parts. I began to freak out as I knew there was no way I would ever get pregnant even if I had decided to try. Something was seriously wrong with me.
It's not like I hadn't tried things before to address prior symptoms. I've been to many doctors trying to figure out food allergies, food intolerances, digestive issues, why I had such severe PMS, etc. But no one could give me any definitive answers. They either told me I had PMDD and should be on an antidepressant or piled on the supplements. I would spent almost $200 per month on supplements I didn't feel were helping for the long-term. In fact, after a 30-day allergy elimination diet where it was difficult for me to gradually come off of due to work travel, I ended up with yeast infections for years. That completely sucked. It wasn't until my gynecologist suggested boric acid suppositories that I felt like I could at least manage the infections by balancing the pH in my vaginal tract and things began to settle down.
This time though, I stocked up on books about resetting your hormones from Dr. Sara Gottfried and Alisa Vitti. So, I read what Dr. Sara Gottfried had to say and she was definitely on to something. I took the quizzes and began the supplements and my period began to come back. But after a month or so, it was like the individual vitamins and minerals I was taking weren't helping anymore. Just like before. So, I tried her Hormone Reset Diet, another fucking cleanse. I was hungry and over it. I feel like between birth control and diets, my body has been completely fucked up. I remember when my metabolism was so high I could have a piece of pie and not feel guilty. Now, everything is shot.
During all of this, I met an incredible lady at a lunch hosted by the Indy Holistic Hub. I knew she was wise and told her I wanted to study with her. She was the first to tell me that hormones were a nutrition issue. What??? I'm an educated woman...why didn't I know this? Why didn't a doctor ever tell me this? She also introduced me to enzyme nutrition and the work of Dr. Howard Loomis. From the first time I started the enzymes I started sleeping through the night. It seemed like a miracle! My period started lasting almost three days again. 
It was the nutrients in whole foods being delivered by the enzymes that helped. Vitamins and mineral supplements are not food, they are chemicals, refined down to a single ingredient for pharmaceutical nutrition. The body doesn't know what to do with them. But it does know what to do with whole food sources, including herbs. It also didn't matter how healthy I ate if I wasn't digesting the food properly and absorbing its nutrients. This was so profound to me.
It's a process to get the body back to homeostasis, so it's universal intelligence can continue to self-heal. There is no magic pill, even enzymes. But I finally found the missing link to my years of feeling subpar that has helped me go forward in the this journey. I feel like a woman again!

Alyssa Pfennig