The Power of Abdominal Massage

My personal journey to return to wholeness has been a long one. That's one of the reasons I named my business Embarque. At some point, we all must embark on the journey of wellness in order to return to our natural state of being. And oftentimes, it's a long, winding road filled with both confusion and epiphanies. 

Years after a very painful time in my life, my studies of yoga and in turn, myself, led me to realize that experience affected me more than I ever wanted to believe. Through exploration, I came to realize that the tightness in my left shoulder and all across my heart center was more than just physical. Looking back, it all began after that time in my life. I had a traumatic experience and my body was keeping score, indeed. 

My first experience of abdominal massage was in 2010 at the Walliser Alpentherme & Spa in Leukerbad, Switzerland. I remember the Chinese lady told me I was "too hot" in my abdomen and I needed to stay away from cheese. No doubt! But that was hard in Switzerland! I was also introduced to a simple abdominal massage in my Thai massage training, which I incorporate into my sessions.

Just over a year ago, I met Maria Renner through the Indy Holistic Hub and she introduced me to Maya abdominal massage. I was immediately drawn to the notion that the uterus is the second heart of the woman. I can't explain why, but maybe it was because my own heart was closed for so long and I was curious if there was a connection. 

Sure enough, my uterus was hiding in the lower left side of my abdomen. It actually took me three sessions before I would let go. I felt a channel open up and she was able to slide my uterus back into place. It was truly a spiritual experience. What struck me was the tightness in my entire abdomen. I've gained weight in the past three years, so the thought of any tightness was a joke to me. And it's no wonder my Iyengar yoga teachers are always telling me to soften my abdomen. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the abdomen should be soft and supple like a baby's belly. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Recently, I felt "off" and wondered if my second heart (aka my uterus) was out of place again causing both physical and energetic misalignments. I am pretty in tune with energy and could feel it residing on the left side. Also, it had been four months since my last visit and in that time I had broken up with my boyfriend of four years and he moved out. While that shift was a very positive one and we're still friends, it wasn't until my return to abdominal massage that I realized a heavy sadness lingered from the loss.

On my return visit to Maria, sure enough my uterus was out of place and had returned to it's familiar place, and she was able to realign it with ease. I was also reminded of the tightness in my upper and lower abdomen inside my pelvis, so she worked to release those areas, too. It was then that I made the connection...that's where I hold my trauma. She also sent me home with castor oil to release any toxicity and flower essences to help relase the sadness I still felt from the separation. After having some incredible, emotional releases and bouts of crying after each session, the results were that I actually felt joyful again. I hate to admit, but it has been years since I have felt that emotion. 

There's still a lot more for me to let go in my abdomen and pelvis, but this experience has illuminated the power of the abdomen for me. Too often this area goes ignored, especially during massage. So, I've made sure to incorporate it into my Thai massage practice with every client from now on as well as focus more on pranayama techniques in yoga therapy sessions. I'm also reading up on Chi Nei Tsang, the Chinese and Thai version of abdominal massage and may study this in depth one day. This is why I love yoga and holistic therapies so much. They both educate you and help guide you in creating a deeper relationship with yourself. Embarking on this journey is the only way to begin the healing.

What is Maya Abdominal Massage?
Maya Abdominal Massage is an external, non-invasive and nurturing treatment of the abdominal area. The treatment assists in improving the vital flow of fluids and energy to nourish and repair the reproductive and digestive organs and systems. Treatments help to reposition internal organs that have shifted, restricting the body’s natural vital flow of fluids and energy. The placement of the uterus is a primary focus of Maya Abdominal Massage, as the Mayan belief was that the uterus was a woman’s center, and controlled her internal health. 

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Alyssa Pfennig