Getting Out of Our Own Way

It's autumn and for me, I notice an increase in my anxiety to match the winds of seasonal change. You might be able to relate if you've noticed some kind of unexplainable shift since the weather has turned. Maybe you've found yourself with dry skin or waking up in the middle of the night, especially between the hours of 3 to 5 am. 

With the increase in anxiety, I turn to my yogic tools to help me return to balance. So, I have been practicing Nadi Shodhana {i.e., alternate nostril breathing} and finding myself going deeper into my meditative practices. As I delve into the depths of my self, I begin to observe my habitual patterns and watch those around me. And what I've been noticing has been how everyone gets in their own way. 

Today I was asked if I ever take a day off. Believe me, I am in desperate need of a vacation and want a day off...several days of just lying on the couch with my dog to be quite frank. But I fill my calendar to the brim and sometimes don't even realize it. I am always busy creating and doing, that I create my own anxiety and exhaustion and often have to re-ground myself and be nourished {exactly why I do yoga!}. 

Just this week I had several encounters with people who made me think about how we get in our own way. I ran into a recent client at the coffee shop who was intent on pulling herself out of burnout mode and finding balance only two months ago, but struggled to make time for herself and leave work in a timely manner. When I saw her, she told me she bought a house! Wow! That's totally something I would do and get consumed by yet another thing. So, again, her self-care was pushed to the wayside. Another friend has asked me about starting a meditation practice for the past seven months and he still hasn't begun. There is no one besides himself holding him back. 

Sometimes in doing we actually do connect with our most heartfelt desire. I wouldn't have created Embarque if I had not aligned myself. However, I've found that it's the tools of yoga, especially dharana {concentration} and dhyana {meditation} that help us align our doing with our truest nature. And we always need to take a step back when we are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, implement these tools to nourish ourselves and get out of own way.  

Alyssa Pfennig