A Deep Sense of Knowing

Ever since I've been working with Ellie and spending time with the horses at The Ee Ranch in Anderson, I've been longing to spend time with wild horses out west and seeking to study herbal medicine in the Native American or indigenous tradition. But with who? 

I had no idea and scouring the Internet produced nothing. Then, one day while I was having brunch with my friend, Cheri, {who will be co-leading the retreat to St. Croix with me!}, one of our students walked out onto the patio and shared with me that she just returned from studying herbal medicine with Dr. Tieraona Low Dog in New Mexico. It was serendipitous! I instantly knew Dr. Low Dog was the missing piece and I was going to study with her. And I recently started her Life is Your Best Medicine course, which discusses nutrition, sleep, self-care and more. While some is review for me, it's been a wonderful reminder of cutting through the mass hysteria and get back to basics. Plus, I love how she combines modern science with traditional healing. 

It oftens happens that way...I can feel this sense of knowing what I want to do in my belly. It often takes some searching, or just holding onto that longing until one day I just find it, and I know immediately it's right. This happened when I expanded my vision for Embarque. I looked at space downtown and was told there would be a lot of retail building up around it. So, instantly, I could envision the addition of retail, including herbal remedies and other things that could help my clients and also be related to yoga, self care, and natural ways of healing...a modern apothecary of sorts. I searched online for inspiration or to see if there was something similar to what was in my head, and low and behold, I found Naturopathica in New York. Poof! I found my inspiration for an expanded Embarque wellness center and holistic health spa. 

As a yoga therapist, I look at the whole person, including the physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual aspects. However, I don't address the way someone eats at first because I was taught that everyone has a special relationship with food. Plus, there is mass confusion from both the media and everyone you talk to on how you should eat. However, after studying nutrition and the roles of herbs and enzymes, I've learned that the physiological needs must be addressed first because your body craves what it is not getting or not digesting. Plus, nutritional deficiences can have a profound effect on the body, mind and spirit. Once the body comes back into balance, it's easy to eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar, or get to yoga more often. The proper nutrition can help the body heal itself. But sadly, it often goes overlooked in conventional medicine. The body knows what it needs...if you only listen.  

Click here to learn more about Dr. Tierona Low Dog and the Medicine Lodge Ranch.

“Your path through life is your medicine road, 
and everything you do in your life affects the road you take.” 
–Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

Alyssa Pfennig